Second Annual Adolescent Treatment Conference

Strategies for Treatment of Adolescent Disorders

Friday, January 31, 2014
8:00am – 4:00pm
6 CEU’s

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs
303 Jackson Hill St.
Houston, TX  77007 


The adolescent conference will bring together four dynamic speakers  to address treatment techniques for working with a variety of adolescent emotional disorders. 

Bring your business cards and brochures as the conference is also designed to provide networking opportunities for therapists and treatment programs.

Biopsychosocial Techniques to Treat ADHD Adolescents and Their Families—Jay Tarnow, MD
ADHD creates many challenges throughout one’s life. However, the special challenges in adolescence put an incredible amount of stress on both the teenager and their family. This is the age when effective Self-Management skills are essential to master the developmental expectations.  This presentation will explore strategies for developing these skills in ADHD teens  as well as the steps that parents must take to support these skills. Then, the family impediments to helping the adolescent will be discussed. Finally, the use of better predictors for medication response will be summarized.

Techniques for Engaging and Working with Behaviorally Disordered Adolescents -- Robert Weinberger, Ph.D.
Dr. Weinberger, and his panel of discussants, including a teenager or two, will demonstrate initial interview and group therapy intervention techniques. These techniques have been consistently effective over the years in working with teens that would rather be anywhere else but in a therapist’s office!  Additionally, a model for effective parent-teen sessions will be presented.  Further, Evan Weinberger will address techniques for encouraging kids to change their attitude toward school,  stop procrastinating, get themselves organized, and get their teachers’ to change their perception of them.

The Puberty Principle:  Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders in Adolescents -- Valerie J. Piacitelli,  LCSW, LMT
This presentation is designed to help clinicians understand the predisposing factors in adolescents that lead to eating disorders. It is also designed to help clinicians understand how to help teens navigate this highly impactful transitional stage of development. Treatment  techniques that focus on increasing self-esteem and decreasing eating disordered behaviors by creating  self-acceptance and a sense of belonging. The focus is on prevention and knowledge being power before an eating disorder fully develops.

Helping the Depressed/Anxious Adolescent: Specific and Effective Treatment  Techniques. – Joanne E. Carlson, LCSW
Adolescents often differ from adults in their presentation of depression and anxiety based disorders. Treatment requires techniques that encourages therapeutic connection, emotional and behavioral stabilization, and improved coping skills. This workshop will present various therapeutic approaches and specific techniques for working with adolescent clients. Case examples, movie clips and audience participation will add to the learning experience.

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